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PokedeXY Day 14 (Late): Fave Poison - Dragalage by HyperSonicFire15
PokedeXY Day 14 (Late): Fave Poison - Dragalage
This picture on the other hand, I do actually like. Aside from those funky head-leafy-thingies, Dragalage was actually fun to draw. I might do more of him later, he'll definitely be one of the first pictures I'll attempt to colour with a tablet.
Sea Horses/Leafy Sea Dragons are so cool!
PokedeXY Day 13 (Late): Fave Normal - Smeargle by HyperSonicFire15
PokedeXY Day 13 (Late): Fave Normal - Smeargle
Ugh, I really don't like this picture, which is why I didn't bother colouring it. I hope it's obvious what I was going for though, I just really don't like it and almost skipped Day 13 because of it. :(
I still intend to get Day 12 out, but I want that one to be a good picture, so it might be super late. :(
This is one of those pictures that's being posted so in two years I can look at it and say; "Damn look how much better I've gotten!"
Doop doop, Smeargle needs a Mega or a pre-evo.
PokedeXY Day 11 (Late): Fave Ground - Sandshrew by HyperSonicFire15
PokedeXY Day 11 (Late): Fave Ground - Sandshrew
Not much to say about this one honestly, I actually wanted to do Flygon, but I couldn't figure out a pose I was happy with and really didn't want to copy of the official artwork. I also didn't feel like colouring. :(
I'll try to get today's up y'know, today, but my grandfather got admitted into the hospital with a mild case of pneumonia, so I can't promise anything. 
PokedeXY Day 10: Fave Grass Type(s) by HyperSonicFire15
PokedeXY Day 10: Fave Grass Type(s)
Okay so I'm actually kind of cheating today. I have been just so blah today, I haven't wanted to do anything, I've just felt so...hollow, I guess. I dunno what's wrong with me.
So I didn't feel like drawing anything today, even though I love a ton of Grass Types. So I slapped a few of my older sketches together to make a sorta DeXY submission, it's just..well a cheating submission.
So, yeah.
So we've got a Chespin in a Bandana, Quilladin (I do have a Chesnaught pic somewhere but I never scanned it), an Ivysaur and the first Whimsicott I ever drew. Yay!
I wish I had dated these, :dummyme:
PokedeXY Day 9: Favourite Ghost Type - Litwick by HyperSonicFire15
PokedeXY Day 9: Favourite Ghost Type - Litwick
Hello, my name is Jennie and I like drawing Marshmallow Litwicks.
Okay, so I drew it before I checked any reference pictures, because I've drawn it before. Then I realized it's a lot thinner than that, but I like it better fat and squishy looking! Come on, don't you wanna give it a hug? It'll just cost part of your soul! :D
Shiny Litwick because Shiny > Normal.
Yeahhh, I think that was the longest time I've gone without submitting anything at all on DA. Whoops.

So updates! Let's talk about my life and the roller coaster it's become! YAY!

May - My Dad bought me a used travel trailer to live in, and I've yet to live in it. XD It needs fixed up and cleaned up, and I procrastinated the entire summer not doing anything with it, flip-flopping between hating it and wanting too much and back to hating it. Now I'm finally at the 'I have a plan' stage but now I'm stuck without money to do anything.

June/July: Uh, Florida Summer = I did nothing. WAY too fucking hot.

August: Was blah up until the end of it, then it got worse.

August's End: So every Sunday my Dad goes bowling, and my grandfather usually goes with him because that was the only time he could drink Beer since we forbid it in the house and stopped him from going to the bar (finally). So Sunday, the 31st, he went with Dad like normal, but drank an entire pitcher of beer plus an extra glass. That was a mistake.
According to my Dad, they were on their way to the truck to leave, when Pap looked up at the sky, and kept going backwards, and Dad didn't realize he was falling until it was too late to catch him. He did not hit his head, but he did break his right femur very close to the hipbone. (Femur, right? Geez can't remember.) He was in the hospital for a week, had to have surgery and rods put in, and then he went into a rehab facility for two whole months.

Sept/Oct: Was a combination of insanity and (I know you aren't going to like this Mom) and awesomeness. The insanity was Sept, because Pap was so out of it, he was hallucinating something awful and just wasn't himself for a long time, and we weren't even sure if he was going to get better then. Then all the shit we had to deal with (well, Mom had to deal with really, but I was there for nearly all of it so yush) with one idiotic nurse who was giving Pap the wrong fucking medication for a stroke that he didn't have (Mom got his ass fired) and general incompetence when it came to getting the insurance company to fucking cooperate with us. (Thanks Obummer) It was so fucking crazy.
The Awesome part was, as much as you'll think I'm a giant bitch for saying so, was Pap not being here, at home, with us. For the first time since we got our new home, it was our home. We weren't walking on eggshells, we could use the big TV whenever we wanted, had it up as loud as we wanted or just left it off when no one was using it. No listening to him bitch about the news or hacking up phlegm or asking where we were every five minutes. It was great. Emily got to use her room again, which meant I had my room to myself again for a lovely two months. I redid my bathroom (the one I had to share with Emily and Pap) in awesome blue and green, got a cool shower curtain and a bunch of lovely towels and stuff. I could take a shower at 2am with no one banging on the door, and not have to worry about vacating my room when Emily had to get to bed for school. Yeah, it was great. Then the insurance stopped paying for him to be in the Rehab Center because his therapists said he could come home.

November: He came home on the 10th, has to walk with a walker, is on Oxygen 24/7 (where he was only on it at night before the accident) and now we're back to where we started, except we now have to do and get nearly everything for him because he can't. He can go to the bathroom on his own, thank god, and a inhome-nurse comes in thrice a week to help him shower, but everything else we have to do. Get his coffee, get his food, get his ice cream, do his clothes, etc etc. Granted, Mom does most of that, but I think he's starting to get used to ordering us around, as soon as he got up this morning he asked me where his coffee was. Yeah, that trailer's looking better and better.

Unfortunately, I more-or-less don't have a job anymore. Our old Supervisor got a higher position, so the Supervisor position was naturally open. Mom, having worked for the company for 5 years and being one of the best merchandisers (this isn't me saying so because she's my Mom, this is me saying so because it's true. Second best merchandiser is obviously moi. No one else does this job right. NO ONE. ) went to the job interview with the regional boss. What we were never told was there was an employee working with our old supervisor, Randy, the whole time (as a 'floater') to take over as supervisor. Randy, however, had been mentioning the promotion and everything to Mom every time  he saw us, leading her on to think she had the best chance of getting the position. So the floater, Tara, got the Supervisor position, and she's only been with the company a year, and has no idea what the hell she's doing. She can't do stores right, when she does them they look like shit, because she's sloppy and doesn't care what they look like. Her floater, Mark, is the same way.
Now, I could've lived with an idiot boss, really. But then they took one of my stores away. 3hrs of my pay, gone. Because I got into an argument with a receiver I had never seen before in a Lowes, and I had been doing that Lowes for over 3 months. She more or less tattled on me and lost me my store, but the kicker was that Tara nor Todd, the district supervisor, called me to find out my side of the story. It was just "They don't want you in there, we're giving it to someone else." Gave me the death sentence with no trial.
Then it got worse.
They took two more stores from me, my other Lowes and a Hobby Lobby. Another 5hrs down the tube. And they took Mom's Home Depot, the one she'd been doing for more than a year and had made it look amazing. 3hrs taken from her.
Then they took her CVS's and a Walgreens, another 3hrs gone.
That left her with one Home Depot (2hrs), 1 Walgreens, (1hr), two Publixes (2.5hrs/2.5hrs), and Wal*Mart (5hrs) and me with two Winn-Dixies (2hrs/2hrs), one Hobby Lobby (2hrs), and the same Publixes and Wal*Mart (2/2/5). She was now down to 13hrs a week and I was down to 13hrs, although every other week I had 15 because the Hobby Lobby's are bi-weekly.
We had a conference with Tara and Todd to try to get our stores back, but I swear to you that it was like talking to a brick wall. Everything we tried to tell them, from how horrible our replacements were to how stupid it was to cut our hours when we did nothing wrong and were their best fucking merchandisers in the area did nothing. They don't care.
Think it couldn't get worse? Think again.
Since Pap came home, I had to give up my Winn-Dixies because he can't be left alone by himself anymore, and we had to give up the Wal*Mart too. So now Mom gets 8hrs a week, and I get 4hrs or 6hrs a week, depends on if it's HL week or not.
Needless to say, I am trying to find another job, but I'm sorry to say I have little hope in doing so. I've never had much luck job hunting, I only got this one because Mom had it first and got me into it. I can't work around food either, so that's out. I'm trying, but it's not happening very fast. I went for an interview at Build-A-Bear in Sept, but didn't get hired, which bummed me out because I wanted to work there so bad (being a Plushieoholic and all) but I still feel as if they nitpick the way I look. I'm not ugly, but I'm not drop-dead gorgeous either. I dress casually, I leave my hair down, and I'm a little chubby. I always feel as if the pretty people they hire are the worst, because that's all they are. Pretty. No personality, just pretty. I saw a Ty Kiosk at the Mall on Friday (Yep, I squeed) but the lady running it had no customer service skills whatsoever. She just stood there and didn't say anything till we left. Christ, I'd be ROCKING that thing. I'd be playing with the Tys, stopping people with kids to chat, having animated conversations about the MLP Tys and everything. I'd be so good at it! D: But nope. If you ain't pretty, you ain't worth hiring. That's just how I feel.

So now we're in December.
I'm doing the PokedeXY monthlong Challenge, so expect art. And actually expect it this time. I submitted the first one already! :D :D :D I would've done it with the tablet, but I can't find my pen, so pluh.

I can't think of anything else right now, but I'll edit it later on tomorrow when I inevitably do. XD



UPDATE: 12/9/14: We got fired on Friday.
No warning, no reason, just gone.
We were finishing up our second Publix, almost done, when Tara and Todd come waltzing in (Okay, I was actually in the bathroom because I'm an idiot and ate a pickle) tell Mom they need to talk to her, and say that they 'Are exercising their right to terminate our jobs'. Again, no reason, although I'm sure if either of us had given a damn to what they had to say they might've given us some verbal vomited reason, but nope. No warning. We didn't do anything wrong. Just fft. Gone.

My message to you, my dear reader, is never ever EVER seek a job with TNG, The News Group, Prologix, or Select Media Services. They don't care about you as their employee, they don't care if you're doing right from wrong; as long as you aren't questioning the supervisors you could just be throwing mags on the shelves and they'd be happy with it. That's how fucked up they are.
I'd even like to say to stop buying magazines, because if no one buys them then they'll go out of business. But then I'd feel bad for the employees that do their job right and need the job to survive (how they do it on less than TWENTY FUCKING HOURS A WEEK I don't know) Wouldn't feel bad about the higher ups or the dumbasses they hire with no common sense. Nope.

Sigh. Anyone hiring?

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United States
The personality that will represent myself in future pictures where I deem it necessary that I be a part of it.

Everything stated above is now 100% honest and true, since I finally bought those fuzzy purple-and-green socks. (and blue-iceblue-white ones too!)


Current Residence: The Sunshine State....(blargh)
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium in mens
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Heavy Metal (not screamo), Power Metal and Trance
Favourite photographer: Myself ;)
MP3 player of choice: Sansa
Wallpaper of choice: Something to do with the current Holiday.
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, InuYasha, and Danny Phantom
Personal Quote: That would be really fun if it weren't life threatening.


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